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NOU, A.S. Klopp, Letter, 1904, Sept. 19

A. T. Klopp, Pres.
J. B. Redfield, Secy

Klopp & Bartlett Co.
Printing, Lithographing
Designing, Engraving and
Blank-Book Making

Office Stationery
Bank Supplies

Cor. 10th and Douglas Sts.
Telephone 364.

Omaha, Neb. Sept. 19, 1904

Lawrence Bruner,
Lincoln, Neb.

Dear Sir:
Your letter of Sept. 16th received and in reply would say, that Mr. Furnas is mistaken when he states that we rendered him a bill for $60.00 for the books we printed for you. The bill we rendered the State was as per our contract and for extras on his report.

You remember you insisted on us using the bold-face type which made it price and a half matter and we set up a lot of matter which was not used.

In regard to the matter for the payment on the original books does not concern you, and you are only interested in the bill for the books printed for you.

As I understand the matter, you were to pay for these books, and of course if you do pay for them, we will not ask Mr. Furnas to pay for them again.

In regard to the item of 44-1/2 hours for alterations, you certainly ought to know about that, as you made the alterations from the original copy when we printed the second edition for you. Hope you will attend to this matter at once we are,
Yours very truly
Klopp & Bartlett Co.
G. Klopp Manufacturers of Self Indexing Ledgers (Kirtley Patent)