Great Nebraska

Naturalists and Scientists

The state of Nebraska and the Great Plains region has a strong and diverse environmental heritage that has been studied by equally diverse individuals. Some of those individuals were connected to the University of Nebraska and others were those who also shared deep interests and skills in exploration and research. Their activities, research, and inadvertent adventures, documented in field notes, letters, and photographs, highlight aspects of the region that may no longer exist today or that have significantly altered since the turn of the century and early twentieth century.

This site provides an introduction to some of these individuals and to regions of Nebraska as they were seen by European settlers and non-indigenous people. Regardless of their background or experience, the state of Nebraska, with creeks, prairies, rivers, salt flats, and the unique region of the Sandhills, allowed anyone to discover, to learn, and to share their stories. Some of the stories are written, some are only found in a letter, some may be shown only in a photograph, and some are yet to be discovered and revisited.

Through the records, documents, photographs, and biographies presented here are opportunities to learn more about some of our shared Nebraska stories and our environmental heritage.