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NOU, Arte Folsom, Letter, 1903, May 11

Arte. Folsom, M. D.
Oculist and Aurist.
Beatrice, Nebr.

May 13 Ans’d
May 14 Ans’d

Beatrice, Nebr., May 11, 1903.

Prof. Bruner,
Lincoln, Nebr.
Dear Sir:- I forwarded one of your pamphlets to the sporting editor of The Omaha World-Herald and in the issue of yesterday (Sunday) he gave the subject about half a column of consideration. Personally, I think this one of the best ways to give these subjects publicity. I trust that you do not consider this use of the article an unwarranted familiarity.
Just at present we are interested in what we call the “yellow-headed blackbird.” I have seen several flocks of them this spring and I have no authorities which give me any light on the subject. I would appreciate any light which you may be able to shed on the subject.
I remain,
Yours very truly,
Arte. Folsom