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NOU, Bernardo J. Crespo, Letter, 1915, July 26

publica de Cuta
a de Agricultura, Comercio y Trabajo
Servicio de Veterinarios

Habana July the 26th. 1915.
Rec’d Aug 2 1915

Dr. E. A. Brunett
Director of the Experimental
Station at
Lincoln, Nebraska.

During the last few months our Republic has been carrying
on scientific experiments in an endeavor to ascertain whether or the Cathartes Aura is a
blessing or a menace to any country in which it may abound. There are many who contend that
the Turkey Buzzard is one of the most efficient means of transmitting various diseases such
as, Anthrax, Black Leg, Hog Cholerra etc. from one section of the country to another, thus
infecting aal animals susceptible to these epidemics within the reach of their visits.
are others who contend that such vulture or buzzard is the scavenger of nature, and as such, a
blessing. We are desirous to secure official information in ragard to the matter, hence I beg
you to answer the following questions: I: Does this bird in your estimation transmit Anthrax,
Black Leg or any other diseases from one section of the country to another after having fed on
dead animals that are infected ?









merico y Trabajo


II. Does the law in your state or section
protect this bird, or does it justify and aid in its destruction through offering bounties or
III. Is there literature on the subject, and if so, where can it be secured?
IV. We
will greatly appreciate your opinion on the above, which will aid us very materially in
formulating proposed laws in regard to the future of the Turkey Buzzard in Cuba.
Awaiting your
reply, I remain,
Yours very truly,
Bernardo J. Crespo

Dr. Bernardo J. Crespo
of Veterinary Services
Department of Agriculture
Habana, Cuba.