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NOU, C.W. Hervey, Letter, 1903, Dec. 23

The Nebraska Farmer.

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Omaha, Neb., Dec. 10, 1903.

Prof. Lawrence Bruner,
Lincoln, Nebr.

Dear Sir:
In our booklet soon to be published, “Nebraska’s Resources, Illustrated,” I desire to say something of the birds of the state.

I have at various times noticed your articles on “The birds that nest in Nebraska.” Could you send me some of your articles on this feature of Nebraska’s resources that could be used descriptive of our feathered friends, the birds, or tell me in what publications these articles could be found? If I recollect rightly, you have a leaflet entitled “A plea for the protection of our birds,” which possibly would be just what I want.
Yours truly,
G. W. Hervey,