Great Nebraska

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NOU, D. Ducells, Letter, 1904, May 14

MAY 24 Ans’d

Ogalalla neb May 14, 1904
Mr. Lawerance Brunner Lincoln Neb

Dear Sir
Your kind favour of 3rd inst was duly received thanks for your kindness. I note what you say reguarding the birds no one can apreciate them more than I. & no person has ever been permited to kill any birds on my Estate. I feed the quail and sparrows every winter keep nest boxes in orchard & now while I am writing this to you there quail in my front yard & garden Now my Dear Sir I have still another favour to ask of you. & that is how to make the arcinate of Lead I have the chemicals & did make it last season but have lost or misslaid the receipt or formulia I concluded your chemist or you would know if so please favour me with it & oblige
Resp Prof. D. Ducello