Great Nebraska

Naturalists and Scientists

NOU, E. Carter, Letter, 1906, Dec. 20

Carter, Chief Warden
er, Traveling Deputy
Smith, Traveling Deputy
O’Brien, Supt. Hatcheries
John H. Mickey, Commissioner Ex-Officio
Chief Game Warden’s
Lincoln, Nebraska
State Fish Hatcheries
Gretna, Nebraska

State of Nebraska
Game and Fish Commission

Lincoln, Nebr. Dec. 20, 1906

A. S. Abbott, Esq.,
Mt. Olive, Ohio.

Dear sir:-
Replying to your letter of the 17th, will advise that our law does not permit is to ship birds of any discription either within or without the State, except in limited numbers for scientific purposes for schools and colleges.
The only thing I could suggest would be for you to write Prof. Bruner, State Ornithologist, University of Nebraska, and convince him that the birds are for scientific purposes, you might secure the birds through him, as a number of his students have scientific permits.
Yours truly,
Carter Chief Warden.