Great Nebraska

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Edith Schwartz Clements

Letters, 1911

Sept. 5, 1911



Darling Little Mother:-

I must confess to a feeling of disappointment at not hearing from you while here.
I hoped so much that you would answer my wonder as to what to bring you, but I fear
you did not receive the letter. Such a feeling of helplessness has overwhelmed me
every time I have tried to think of something, because if I gave you everything I
possess, it would not express a thousandth of my love & appreciation of your own darling
self & all you have done & suffered for us. However, I shall have to content myself
with some trifle to stand for the



much that nothing can adequately express! I have wanted so much to bring you all gloves,
but you — all put such a damper on my enthusiasm, I have selfishly stocked up myself.
What do you think of lovely white kid — elbow length for 75 cents, musquetaire, for
$1.00? Wash doeskin for .50 & kids, from .25 for fine French kid to .50 for fownes,
etc, etc. They are certainly among the things one should bring abroad. In Paris, I
suspect they are still cheaper. I am getting some pretty laces too. I certainly do
enjoy visiting the shops when I can steal an odd half day. Yesterday I had the finest
shampoo I have ever enjoyed. It was given by a man (prac-



tically all the hairdressers are men)& he gave me a vigorous massage as well as a
thorough hair washing, being so careful about not pulling out or breaking my hair.
And it cost only one shilling! (24 cts.) I am almost used to English money by this
time. At first, I would always get more change back than I had calculated on & it
was most confusing.

A letter from Jule at last, with the clipping. It’s astonishing what foolish things
people will do from false pride!

She remarks on the refusal of permisson for the party to climb “The Peak.” This was
because the owner of the land didn’t want us.



You see, every foot of land is owned & the owners must preserve their game! We were
also kept off a vast moorland because of the grouse! As a rule, everyone has been
exceedingly gracious & we have been granted unusual previleges. I’ll enclose a clipping
telling of our triumphal career, or perhaps it had better in go rounds in the diary letter.

Our last excursion today; off for London tomorrow & Liverpool Saturday. Then Ho for the West!

More love than is possible for you to conceive!


Please send the clipping to Minneapolis