Great Nebraska

Naturalists and Scientists

NOU, Ernest G. Buttick, Letter, 1904, Dec. 21

307 Wilder Street
Lowell, Mass.

Dec. 21 St. 1904

Prof. Lawrence Bruner
University of Nebraska.
Lincoln, Neb.

Dear Sir:-
Your favor of the 17th is at hand and I thank you for your courtesy in supplying the information I requested as to when your “Preliminary Review of the Birds of Nebraska” was published, price &c.
Just at this moment I will not order a copy myself, in the face of many regular demands, for publications & periodicals to be met just now, and certain special ones due to sickness in my home.
I would state that for some time I have been deeply interested in the subject of the literature of local botany





and local bird-lists covering the United States, and where I have been able, by gift, & by purchase when I felt I could, I have tried to collect such literature.
In some cases, such local floras or local (or regional) bird-lists are issued by state experiment stations or by colleges as biological papers &c and a copy can be obtained free upon request. This has led me to be sometimes a little cautious a making a request of this character and sometimes I half [illegible] as if asking for a publication, when I learn later that it is sold only. I regret this has happened in the case of your publication.
I will make a note, on my “bibliography” cards of the price of your list, & may at some future date be glad to order a copy. Yours
R Ernest G. Buttnok.