Great Nebraska

Naturalists and Scientists

NOU, Lawrence Bruner, Letter, 1903, June 2

Lincoln, Nebr., June 2, 1903.
Mr. F. J. Brezee,

No. 302 1/2, 3rd St

Portland, Ore.
My Dear Sir;-

Your favor of the 29th at hand. In reply will say that you can secure skins of bright colored tropical birds from some of the eastern [illegible] Brewster, Webster and others. You might be able to secure them direct by writing to C. F. Underwood, M. A. Carriker, Jr. or J. C. Crawford Jr. of San Jose, Costa Rica, the last two named in care of the U. S. Consulate. As to prices I can say nothing. You would have to arrange that yourself. I thought you were dead. The last time I heard of you, you were getting ready to sail for the Phillipines or some other outlandish part. Glad you are doing so well. You can arrange with some Oregon bug man for butterflies. With best wishes for your prosperity,
I remain, Yours very truly,