Great Nebraska

Naturalists and Scientists

NOU, F.J. Breeze, Letter, 1903, May 29

F. J. Brezee


Taxidermy in all its Branches

Special Attention Given to Collecting for Collages and chools.

No 303 1/2 Third Street.

Portland, Ore. May 29 1903

Jun 2 Rec’d Jun 2 Ans’d

L Brunner Lincoln
Friend Bruner

have you got any high colored skins for sale can you Put me on 9 can some scarlet tanagers Rosb bres grosbeak & cardlor red birds & 500 worth of light colored buterflies [sic] I have got a large case to mount [illegible] & any favors you can show me to I will Pay in cash or specimens would like to get the adress [sic] of some one in Mexico, Ariz who handles skins have Just finished Mounting a Moose head spread 5 foot & 2 in weight 257 lbs. noose like a bat sow hog pleanty [sic] of bugs out hear [sic] not many birds all bugs & ins___ hoping this will find you & your wife & babies in hapy [sic] days & in health & am up to 150 lbs more than ever I have of my own say a twenty hundred dolar colection [sic] I have ove [sic] 50 pheasant on hand so if any one wants a nice Pr for some buterflies [sic] & skin I will give them the best of it Brezee.