Great Nebraska

Naturalists and Scientists

NOU, G.A. Young, Letter, 1904, May 12

J. L. Greene, M. D., Superintendent
Albert D. Gilmore, Steward

J. T. Hay, M. D., First Ass’t Physician
Mabel Dunn, M. D., Second Ass’t Physician
G. A. Young, M. D., Pathologist

Nebraska Hospital for the Insane Asylum,

Nebr. 5 – 12 – 04

MAY 13 Ans’d

Professor Bruner
State University Lincoln

Dear Sir
Wishing to interest myself during the coming summer in a study of birds about this neighborhood, I am anxious to obtain some book or books which will be of assistance to me in this form of recreation, and hence am writing to you to ask for your advice and assistance. If you will help me in this matter, I shall consider it a real favor.
Yours very respectfully
G. A. Young