Great Nebraska

Naturalists and Scientists

NOU, Geo. L. Carter, Letter, 1904, Feb. 10

George L. Carter, Chief Warden
E. Hunger, Traveling Deputy
H.L. McConnell, Traveling Deputy
W.J. O’Brien, Supt. Hatcheries

State of Nebraska
Game and Fish Commission

Chief Game Warden’s Office
Lincoln, Nebraska
State Fish Hatcheries
South Bend, Nebraska

Lincoln, Nebraska. February 10, 1904.

Prof. Lawrence Bruner,
University of Nebraska.

Dear Sir;-
Replying to your esteemed favor of the 8th relative to scientific permits, you are advised that Mr. Reece Heaton of Curtis has his permit and has paid for it. The other six will be issued as soon as we can find time to do it.
Very truly yours,
George L Carter
Chief Deputy