Great Nebraska

Naturalists and Scientists

NOU, Geo. L. Carter, Letter, 1904, Jan. 5

Geo. L. Carter, Chief Warden
E. Hunger, Traveling Deputy
H. L. McConnell, Traveling Deputy
W. J. O’Brien, Supt. Hatcheries

Chief Game Warden’s Office
Lincoln, Neb.
State Fish Hatcheries
South Bend, Neb.

State of Nebraska
Game and Fish Commission

Lincoln, Nebraska, January 5, 1904

Jan 6 Ansd

Prof. Lawrence Bruner
Lincoln, Nebraska.

Dear Sir;-
Under the provisions of our statute you are required to file a report of the number and kind of birds taken by you during the year of 1903, by virtue of a permit granted you on January 26, 1903. Trusting you will give this your prompt attention, I am,
Very truly yours,
Geo. L. Carter
Chief Deputy.
I wish you a happy New Year