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NOU, J.B. Redfield, Letter, 1904, June 3

A. T. Klopp, Pres.
J. B. Redfield, Secy

Klopp & Bartlett Co.
Printing, Lithographing
Designing, Engraving and
Blank-Book Making

Office Stationery
Bank Supplies

Cor. 10th and Douglas Sts.
Telephone 364.

Omaha, Neb. June 3, 1904
Lawrence Bruner,
Lincoln, Nebr.

Dear Sir:
We are sending you by express this morning the balance of your proof. Kindly return same as soon as possible.
Yours Very truly,
Klopp & Bartlett Co.
J. B. Redfield

J. B. R.