Great Nebraska

Naturalists and Scientists

NOU, J.B. Redfield, Letter, 1904, May 27

A. T. Klopp, Pres.
J. B. Redfield, Secy

Klopp & Bartlett Co.
Printing, Lithographing
Designing, Engraving and
Blank-Book Making

Office Stationery
Bank Supplies

Cor. 10th and Douglas Sts.
Telephone 364.

Omaha, Neb. May 27, 1904

MAY 3 Ans’d

Lawrence Bruner,
Lincoln, Nebr.

Dear Sir:
We are in receipt of your corrected proof and are holding same until you return the copy as it will be impossible for us to make corrections without the copy.

Kindly return same as soon as convenient, and oblige,
Yours very truly,
Klopp & Bartlett Co.
J. B. Redfield

J. B. R.