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NOU, J.C. Reilly, Letter, 1904, Dec. 7

Reilly’s Barber Shop,
J.G. Reilly, Prop….
Bath Room, Laundry Agency.

Elgin, Nebraska, Dec 7 1904

Prof Bruner Lincoln, Neb.
Dear sir -:
I am an amateur taxidermist and have recently mounted two eagles and would like to have information as to what species they belong and as Mr. Bell of the firm of Sessions + Bell of Norfolk recommended you I will ask the favor of an answer. The first bird is a kind of brownish grey and has part of the leg bare of feathers and the front claws are all of nearly equal length.
The second is a black bird with the back of the head and neck






Elgin, Nebraska, 190

a light brown and is feathers to the foot and the inner claw is the largest of the three
If you can give me the information from this description please do so and oblige.
Yours truly
J. G. Reilly