Great Nebraska

Naturalists and Scientists

NOU, J.C. Reilly, Letter, 1904, Dec. 8

Lincoln, Nebr., Dec. 8, 1904.

Elgin, Nebr.

Dear Sir:-
If your birds are large enough to be eagles, if they measure over 5 ft. in wing expanse they are respectively the bald eagle and the golden eagle. If otherwise, I should say that the last bird you described as black might be one of the color variations of the rough legged and the first a color variation of the red-tailed hawk. The golden eagle has its legs feathered to the claws while the bald headed or white headed has it’s feathers reaching only one-half way.
By the way you need a book on birds that gives table for determining any species in the state. If you will send me the sum of 75 cents, I will send you the book bound in c cloth. I also enclose herewith a statement concerning the Proceedings of the Nebraska Ornithologist’s Union which would be of interest to you.