Great Nebraska

Naturalists and Scientists

NOU, J.G.O. Tepper, Letter, 1903, Mar. 18

371-00080aNorwood, S. Australia, March 10. 1903.

Prof. Lawrance Bruner
University of Nebraska
Lincoln, Nebr. U. S. A.

Dear Sir—I beg to thank you very much for your most interesting work in the Proceedings of the Nebraska Ornithologist’s Union, which is indeed far in advance what is doing here, while on the contrary the great majority here are or appear perfectly convinced to be at least on a level (if not ahead of) with the foremost of the world, to judge by the disinclination of rulers & people to take example & learn from the older countries. Even when laws are passed, they seem to be only there, to be ignored, or if action is forced upon the police, the magistrates let off the




371-00080bas mildly as they can, thus failing to impress the people with the necessity or urgency of compliance. The last and unshakable position taken by these adherents of a laissez faire policy is “It will last our time!” I also beg to thank you very much for your kind sympathetic letter of Jan. 7. and send you herewith as a humble return for your many favours what has appeared of my Phasmid work, the descriptions to follow when time permits. I also send you a copy of a German publication, countaining some of my contributions to the society of which I have the honour of Honorary membership. Last Dec. it was 56 years since I have been an inhabitant of this state, and a student of nature all the time. We have had fine rains lately, out of season it is true! but “everybody” believes now the 8 years drought to be at an end and with it all trouble, in which “belief” I am sorry not being able to share. Thanking you for your good wishes, heartily reciprocating them, I hope to be favoured with your opinion on my humble contributions sent and remain
Yours very truly
J. G. O. Tepper