Great Nebraska

Naturalists and Scientists

NOU, J.S. Hunter, Letter, 1903, May 6

University of California
College of Agriculture
Berkeley, California

Agricultural Experiment Station
F. W. Hilgard Director

May 11 Rec’d

My dear Professor:-
Your letter of Apr. 17th reached me a few days ago. The question that I am taking up certainly is a perplexing one. I think, as you suggest, that the most accurate data will be obtained from observation and stomach examination, but still I do not think that the birds in the caged trees will be under any very great disadvantage.
Professor Beal has been working in the field with me but contracted a fever a few days ago and left for Haywards, where his wife is spending the summer, he will be with me as soon as he recovers. I intend to have the question brought up for discussion at the coming meeting of the A. O. U. which will be held in San F. on the 15th & 16th of this month.
Thanking you for your kind intent and good wishes I remain
Very truly yours
J. S. Hunter