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NOU, Jno. C. Mountjoy, Letter, 1903, Apr. 13

American Bird and Nature Study Chart
A Color Photographic Work for the use of Schools
38 Wabash Avenue
Chicago, April 13, 1903.

Prof. Lawrence Bruner,
University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Dear Sir:-
Were you to hear me go through with my canvas you would find that I refer to you as much as all other persons together, although I called upon you but three times. I am now getting out a new Bird and Nature Study Chart almost three times the size of the one you now have. I shall send you a copy as soon as the work is out. I only wish I could show you the dummy in order to get an endorsement to place in the manual which is now being prepared by Dr. Schneider of this city for the new chart. I greatly desire to have at least a word of commendation as to the new work. As there have been great improvements in color photography since the old chart was issued, and as the new chart is put on superior paper and the arrangement is more scientific, etc it is meeting with far more favor than the old one. I have made strenous use of the testimonial you gave me and find it does the work. Thanking you for past favors and trusting I shall continue to have your esteemed co-operation, I am
Yours very truly,
Jno. C. Mountjoy.