Great Nebraska

Naturalists and Scientists

NOU, Lawrence Bruner, Letter, 1903, Dec. 23

Lincoln, Nebr., Dec. 23, 1903.

J. S. Hunter,
Berkeley, Cal.

My Dear Hunter:-
Your two letters of the 15th instant reached me a few days ago but it being sort of a vacation time here, have not been answered as promptly as otherwise.

With reference to the ten copies of my various reports to the State Horticultural Society, would suggest that Prof. Woodworth write to the secretary of that society concerning the same. This is because I have left comparatively few separates of most of these reports and do not care to dispose of them in so wholesale a manner. In fact some of these are now out of print as separates.

With regard to your query in the second letter would say that the Falco spervrius is the Phalaena or Desert Sparrow hawk. The Spizella socialis Cary says is western, Wolcott says eastern. Merula migratoris, both forms. Sialis mexicana not recorded and if any form occurs it is bairdi. Mimus polyglottes, typical. Melospiza melodia, typical anda few tending toward Montana. I don’t think that you had better claim hereafter to be a bird protectionist after bragging of killing as many birds as you have during the past summer.

With compliments of the season, I remains,
Yours very truly,