Great Nebraska

Naturalists and Scientists

NOU, Lawrence Bruner, Letter, 1903, Jan. 29

Jan. 29, 1903.
Mr. F. H. Jones,

Dunbar, Nebr.
My dear Jones:-

I have your favor of the 27th inst. along with $1.00 for payment of your dues to the Ornithologists Union for 1903. I have turned the same over to Mr. Eiche, the treasurer, and send you herewith his receipt.

By the way could you not write up a little statement of what you found in the way of birds while working in the southwestern part of the state last summer, to be used in our next Proceedings, this to go in miscellaneous notes? I should very much like to hav something of the kind.

I would also like to know whether you could spare a month or two during the coming summer for similar work to that done by you during the last summer, if I should have the funds to carry on field work in connection with this department? Do you think that you father would be willing to champion an item for an appropriation to aid me, as State Entomologist, in carrying out the necessary field work belonging to the department?

Very truly yours,