Great Nebraska

Naturalists and Scientists

NOU, Lawrence Bruner, Letter, 1903, Mar. 7

Lincoln, Nebr., March 7 , 1903.

Mr Alfred Millard,
Omaha, Nebr.

My Dear Sir:-
It so happened that there was a sudden calling together of the House committee on game and bird protection in the evening of the same day you called on me here at the University. The Senate bill that I mentioned to you and on which the committee were waiting came up and was so badly “done up” by amendments that the introducer himself moved that it be indefinitely postponed. This left the only chance for obtaining legislation at the present session in the amendment of one of the bills pending in the House. In order to do this the committee was called suddenly. In the session of this meeting the Loomis bill was also considered and at my suggestion the changes made that I called your attention to, vis., the droping out of the title words “trap shooting or” before “the shooting of live birds”, etc., and the portion of section 3 relating to the game and fish commissioner within the state.

Special attention was called to the pamphlet which you distributed. In the committee it seemed to be the opinion that no fight would be made against it. In case I can do anything farther I shall certainly do it.
Yours very truly,