Great Nebraska

Naturalists and Scientists

NOU, Lawrence Bruner, Letter, 1904 Feb. 23


Lincoln, Nebr., Feb. 23, 1904.

Hon. Robt. W. Furnas,
Brownville, Nebr.

My Dear Sir:-
A little over a week ago, I wrote that I would be able to give you a paper on birds for the Annual Report of the State Board of Agriculture. Since writing you I have been comparing notes with several of the members of the Ornithologist’s Union and we have come to the conclusion that if we could have sufficient space in the report we would add synoptic tables for the determination of all our Nebraska Birds. Please let me know at an early date whether or not such an amount of space might be available.
The contemplated paper could be a little shorter than the one I published in the State Horticultural Report for 1898. It would also contain notes on the food habits, distribution breeding habits, etc., making by far the most condensed treatise on Nebraska birds thus far written.
Yours very truly