Great Nebraska

Naturalists and Scientists

NOU, Lawrence Bruner, Letter, 1904, Feb. 8

Lincoln, Nebr., Feb. 8, 1904.

Mr. Geo L. Carter,
Chief Dep uty Game Warden

My Dear Sir;-
As it is now almost time for the spring migrations to begin and in order to equip my various observers so that if necessary they may take an occasional specimen of birds without fracturing the game law, I hand you herewith a list of persons to which please issue permits as heretofore and charge the same to the University of Nebraska, enclosing the bill to me and I will see that a warrant is drawn for the same.
Prof. L. Bruner, Lincoln.
Dr. R. H. Wolcott, ”
Mr. Myron Swenk, ”
Mr. Carlos Bates, ”
Mr. J. E. Wallace, Omaha.
Mr. Reese heaton, Curtis
Mr. August Eiche, Lincoln.
Yours very truly,