Great Nebraska

Naturalists and Scientists

NOU, Lawrence Bruner, Letter, 1904, Jan. 27

Lincoln, Nebr., Jan. 27, 1904.

Mr. A. C. Griffen,
Pierre, So Dak.

My Dear Sir:-
I am pleased to receive yours of Jan. 25th concerning the bill prohibiting the spring shooting of ducks, etc. I have referred your letter to the committee on game laws here at the Nebraska legislature through the Chief Deputy Game Warden, with whom I had a conversation on the subject this morning. He will very likely write regarding the matter and give you an idea of how the present legislature feels concerning game protection.

I might add that the sentiment is quite strong, in the committee at least for prohibiting entirely the sale of all kinds of game. Should this become a law, of course it ould do much towards the restriction of game slaughter. There is also a sentiment extant favoring the reduction of the number of birds to be killed each day.
Yours very truly,