Great Nebraska

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NOU, Lawrence Bruner, Letter, 1904, June 26

Lincoln, Nebr., June 26, 1904.

Mr. Bartlett Richards,
Ellsworth, Nebr.

My Dear Sir;-
Your favor of the 22nd instant along with skin of bird for which you desired name at hand. The bird under consideration is the avocet a species not very common for Nebraska but one which has been reported as occasionally nesting about the alkali lakes in Cherry and some other more westerly counties in the state.

I have just read the last proof of a new book on Nebraska birds in which tables are given for determining any bird found in the state or any where near its borders. By means of this publication the student can determine the name of any of our birds. When published I think it can be sold, cloth bound for $1.00.
Yours very truly,