Great Nebraska

Naturalists and Scientists

NOU, Lawrence Bruner, letter, 1905, Feb. 7

Lincoln, Nebr., Febr., 7, 1905.

My Dear Sir:-
I have your letter of the first of Febr. in which you ask about vireos and butcher birds. The vireos as the name would indicate are greenish olive colored birds a little smaller than the English sparrow. These are the birds that live aroung shade trees in towns as plum thickets along creeks. They make small nests which they hang between the forks of a limb near its tip. They are quite musical and feed on hairy caterpillars and other insects which they find in the foiliage of trees and bushes.
The Butcher birds are large gray birds with black tail and wings. On the wing is a large white patch which is seen while the bird is flying. They frequent osage orange hedges and are sometimes seen in winter and early spring.
We have recently published a book on Nebraska birds which would be good for your school library. You might speak to your teachers about it. The price is seventy five cents bound in cloth.
Yours very truly,