Great Nebraska

Naturalists and Scientists

NOU, Lawrence Bruner, Letter, 1905, June 1 (2)

Lincoln, Nebr., June 1, 1905.

S. B. Higgins,
Rushville, Nebr.

My Dear Sir:-
Your of recent date received and contents noted. I am sorry that the Nebraska Birds was not exactly satisfactory to you but it was impossible for use to make a book of the size that would contain everything in the way of distribution, life history, nesting, etc. that might be desired in bird study. Of course if you had the bird in hand, you would see that it is does not belong to the oriole family and so could not be a bobolink. On the other hand you would at once find that it was a sparrow. The name of your particular bird is the lark bunting or as sometimes called, the White winged blackbird. It is a common bird of the plains and its song habits which only partly resemble those of the bobolink together with the black and white markings are the only things that would suggest the bobolink.
I wish also to thank you for your answers to my questions concerning the Ox warbis.
Yours very truly,