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Naturalists and Scientists

NOU, Leander S. Keyser, Letter, 1904, Dec. 27

Leander S. Keyser.
108 W. Third Street.
Canal Dover, Ohio.

Author of
“Birds of the Rockies.”
“In Bird Land,” Etc., Etc.

Dec. 27, 1904.

Dec 29 Ans’d

Prof. Lawrence Bruner,
Lincoln, Neb.
My Dear Sir:
On Jan. 29, 1963, you wrote me at Atchison, Kans., of two of your students who had gone to Central America on a collecting trip, to be gone about two years. You also gave me their address. I wrote to them at once, but received no reply. I am still interested in their expedition, and should be glad to have a few lines from you relative to it. Are they still abroad? With what kind of success have they met? Would it be possible to put me in a way to correspond with them in regard to a bird-student’s trip to that country? I shall be greatly obliged if you will take time to reply.
My “Birds of the Rockies” has been reduced to $1.50 postpaid, so that,




if the University has not yet secured a volume, you might feel like doing so now. The publishers are A. C. McClurg & Co., Chicago. I mention this only because you spoke of it in your letter to me.
Last summer I had a delightful trip into Ontario, where I had a chance to study many of the migrants in their breeding haunts. My observations are being now published in “Our Animal Friends,” Madison Ave. & 26th St., New York City.
I shall be interested in any of your work that you may see fit to call to my notice, as I have known you for many years by reputation.
Very cordially yours,
Leander S Keyser