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NOU, Louisa McDermott, Letter, 1903, Apr. 18

Berkeley California April 18, 1903
APR 21 Rec’d APR 24 Ans’d
Prof. L. Bruner, Lincoln, Nebraska
Dear Sir;-

When I left the University Summer School last July I agreed to send you back a paper on birds which had reqjuired 20 hours work. After I returned to my work at Fort Lewis I immediately took up the study of birds and we spent considerable time out of doors also we kept a bird calander for the fall migration and we had kept a spring calander. All these notes and the record of time spent in outdoor work are with my books at Fort Lewis. I was not able to continue my work and was sent to California by my physician. I am now carrying a little work in the University of California.

I hope this long delay will not prevent your giving me the credit that was to go with the work, 3 hrs. The delay was unavoidable as I was very ill.
Sincerely Yours

Louisa McDermott.

2218 Chapel Street,

Berkeley California.

1 hr.