Great Nebraska

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NOU, Mrs. A. Hardy, Letter, 1906, Dec. 11

DEC 16 Ans’d

Beatrice, Neb. Dec. 11-’06
Prof. Lawrence Bruner.
Lincoln, Neb.

My dear Mr. Bruner.
Some time ago, at my request; you kindly sent me 100 copies of your new bird bulletin. They have been distributed among our 7th & 8th grades in public schools, in connection with some contest work just begun along the line of Civics and Forestry – mention of which you will find in enclosed article and which explains itself.
Now this bulletin is so excellent that I would like to give it to our entire people through the department of Civics & Forestry as conducted by myself in one of our dailies. Are you willing that it be republished in that way?
There is so much of interest and enthusiasm along these lines, just now, among our people, school children especially, that we feel we must do all we can to keep what we have and also add very much more. In talking with Prof. Fulmer about it we concluded that the very best thing we could do would be to have a talk by Prof. Bruner, providing satisfactory arrangements could be made to that end. Can you give us an evening lecture soon after the holidays – and if so what would your terms be?
Very sincerely yours,
Mrs. A. Hardy

$10. + expense