Great Nebraska

Naturalists and Scientists

NOU, Myron Swenk, Letter, 1904, May 3

Lincoln, Nebr., May 3, 1904.

My Dear Swenk:
Your letter of April 30th came duly to hand along with your time for April. I have taken the liberty to add fifty hours to the amount mentioned in your letter which I do not think you will object to very much. According to your observations you do not seem to be very much ahead in catching migrants except in a few cases. We have been doing but little field work, still have managed to secure quite a few of records in one way and another. In our Saturday Roca trip we obtained a list of 56 species. The weather was excellent and the crown hilarious, there being in the neighborhood of 60 who succeeded in catching the train and how many were left behind I cannot say. The party was made up of Ornithology, Geology, Geography, Botany and Entomology students, their being about 30 of Orn. The aver e a list obtained was 3 or 4. We went to Jamaca by the U. P., walked to Roca by the way of the hanging bridge (Uncle Lawrence got his picture snapped while crossing and returned on the B. & N. by freight.

I took the MSS for the Nebr. Bird List to the printer a week ago Monday. We have been promised the proofs at an early date, possibly this week and as the Co. who does the work used type casting machines, they said that they could readily keep the matter standing for several months so that additional prints could be made. I have not seen Skow concerning certain records but expect to go up to Florence tomorrow, since he has written me that he is at my disposal and is even willing to come to town to meet me.

Hope that you will be able to fill in a number of gaps in our collection and that you will also add some new forms to the state list. Of course we expect you to come up to attend the field meet at Omaha a week from Saturday. Better bring gun.
Yours very truly,