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NOU, Myron Swenk, Letter, 1919, Oct. 30


October 30, 1919.

The Nebraska Farmer,
(Attention Mr. C. W. Pugsley)

Dear Professor Pugsley:
I am herewith returning the letter of Mr. John W. Talbot, which you referred to me on September 26, asking that I prepare an article of use and interest to the readers of the Nebraska Farmer on the Chinese ring-necked pheasant. On September 27 I wrote you that I would prepare such an article at the first opportunity.
There are two phases of interest concerning these birds. First, the question whether it is desirable to introduce them and encourage their increase in a wild state in Nebraska, especially in the grasshopper infested portions of western Nebraska. Second. are the virtues which Mr. Talbot mentions the whole story concerning the proposition to encourage the raising of pheasants as compared with the raising of chickens.
I have tried to present the available information along these lines in the enclosed article, which proves to be a little longer than I had hoped it would be. The enclosed illustration of the ring-necked pheasant will make and excellent cut to accompany the article, and gives a very fair idea of the appearance of these birds.
Yours very truly,