Great Nebraska

Naturalists and Scientists

1904, Mar. 13

Berkeley, Cal. March 13th 04

Professor L. Bruner
Lincoln, Nebr.

My dear Professor
I received you letter some time ago I am glad to know that the prospects for the O. U. are so good I think it a wise idea to have the articles in the proceedings more technical than they have been in the past.

My bulletin is coming along rather slow ; its rather difficult getting every thing into shape. I have just got into shape the result of the examination of some 340 linnets stomachs (Carpodacus anfrontalis) this is the worst and most abundant bird in the state for the season the examinations show

6% insect, chiefly wolly aphids; 7% fruit pulp, 88% weed seeds, it don’t look as though the linnet was so bad, after all, in that section.

I should very much like to see you when you come out here in the summer but I do not think that I will be in the state after May. I am making arrangements to leave on an extended collecting trip about May 1st. My plans are rather indefinite at present so I cannot say much about the trip I will however write you in regard to it later.
Very truly yours
J. S. Hunter