Great Nebraska

Naturalists and Scientists

1905, Apr. 11

The Montana Agricultural
Experiment Station
Bozeman, Mont.

Department of Entomology
R.A. Cooley, Entomologist
State Entomologist

April 18 Ans’d

April 11, 1905

Prof. Lawrence Bruner,
University of Nebraska,
Lincoln, Nebraska.

Dear Prof. Bruner:
I thank you for your attention to the matter of securing someone to help me in my work on birds. The party in Nebraska has opened correspondence with me.
Yours very truly,
R. A. Cooley

1905, Apr. 11

Lincoln, Nebr., Apr. 11, 1905.

Chief Deputy Game Warden,
My Dear Sir:-
Will you kindly issue collecting permits for scientific purposes to the following named persons and charge the same to the Department of Entomology and Ornithology of the University of Nebraska.
Lawrence Bruner-Lincoln.
Robt. H. Wolcott- Lincoln.
Myron H. Swenk- Lincoln.
August Eiche- Lincoln.
J. M. Bates- Red Cloud.
Yours very truly,

1905, Apr. 12

Springfield Public Schools
J. H. Collins, Supt.
Springfield, Illinois

April 12, 1905.

MAY 3 Ans’d

Prof. Lawrence Bruner,
Lincoln, Nebraska.

Dear Sir:-
I was recently discussing “birds” with a gentleman who said that you believed that the so-called “Jack-o’-lantern”, or “Will-o’the wisp”, was caused by a specie of heron that frequented swampy districts. This explanation of that mystery appealed to me as a reasonable explanation of certain movable lights seen at night where I lived as a boy. I shall be glad to hear from you on this subject, as I occasionally speak on the subject of birds. I shall not quote you without your permission. Hoping to hear from you as soon as you can conveniently write me, I am
Very truly yours
J. H. Collins

Call attention to Holden’s book on Lights in Nature – also the peculiar fluffy feather patches of Herons.

1905, Apr. 25

Nebraska Ornithologists Union.
Office of the President.

Wilson Tout, Dunbar, President.
Miss Agnes Dawson, Omaha, V. Pres.
Miss Anna Caldwell, Lincoln, Cor. Sec.
Myron H. Swenk, Lincoln, Rec. Sec.
F. H. Shoemaker, Omaha, Treas.
Prof. Lawrence Bruner, Lincoln
Dr. Rob’t H. Walcott, Lincoln
August Eiche, Lincoln Ex. Com.

Dunbar Nebr. Apl 25 1905.

APR 27 Ans’d

Prof. L. Bruner.
Dear Sir
Jones goes East in two weeks and we want the Field meet here for Fri. and Sat. May 5 and 6. That will be just before he goes. Let me know right off it this can be.
Very truly
Wilson Tout

Personally I think we had better announce the meeting anyway – Even if only you, Swenk, Lowry, and three or four others from here attend the people at Dunbar will be satisfied and it will do good there – then try and work up a crowd from Omaha. But Swenk should send out notice today if possible – Wolcott

1905, Apr. 28

American Museum of Natural History
77th Street and Central Park West

F. M. C.
Department of Mammalogy and Ornithology

New York, April 28, 1905.

MAY 9 Ans’d

Prof. Lawrence Bruner,
University of Nebraska
Lincoln, Nebraska.

My dear Professor Bruner:-
I expect to leave New York tonight with two assistants to gather material and make field studies for our proposed group of Prairie Hens, and of other western birds. We shall stop in Chicago to visit the Field Museum and shall reach Lincoln on Tuesday next.
I will look you up, and hope I may secure from you information which will lead to the desired results.
Anticipating the pleasure of meeting you again, I am
Sincerely yours,
Frans. M. Chapman