Great Nebraska

Naturalists and Scientists

Nebraska Ornithologists’ Union

Letters, 1905, December

1905, Dec. 16

The Montana State College
of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts

Department of Biology,
R. A. Cooley, Professor of Zoology and Entomology
State Entomologist
W.W. Jones, Instructor in Botany

Bozeman, Montana. Dec. 16, 1905.

Prof. Lawrence Bruner,
Lincoln, Nebraska.

Dear Prof. Bruner:
There appears to be a growing interest among our students in bird life and I think I shall subscribe to a bird magazine for use of the students and am writing to you to ask your advice as to what one to get. This magazine I want for beginners in ornithology and want it to be general popularity and not too elementary. I wish it to stimulate the scientific spirit among the pupils, at the same time a love of bird life. I will be grateful for your opinion.
Yours truly,
R.A. Cooley

1905, Dec. 20

Nebraska Ornithologists Union.
Office of the President.

Wilson Tout, Dunbar, President.
Miss Agnes Dawson, Omaha, V. Pres.
Miss Anna Caldwell, Lincoln, Cor. Sec.
Myron H. Swenk, Lincoln, Rec. Sec.
F. H. Shoemaker, Omaha, Treas.
Prof. Lawrence Bruner, Lincoln.
Dr. Rob’t H. Walcott, Lincoln.
August Eiche, Lincoln Ex. Com

Dunbar Nebr. Dec. 20 1905.

O.K. Prof.

Lawrence Bruner

Dear Sir
I am sending out a number of letters of inquiry and have had the replies addressed
Pres. Nebr. Ornithologists Union
Lincoln Nebr.
Station A
If they reach your office please hold them for me. I will be in Lincoln Saturday of this week and shall call at the University for you.
Very truly,
Wilson Tout

1905, Dec. 25

Lincoln, Nebr., Dec. 23, 1905.

Prof. R. A. Cooley
Bozeman, Mont.

My Dear Cooley:-
Two years ago today we had the pleasure of your company for Christmas dinner. Only wish the same could be repeated today.
Am glad to hear that you are beginning to push the bird side of nature study. There several good magazines published in this country on Ornithology but the one best suited to general reading and at the same time sufficiently scientific, would be the little magazine called Bird Lore, published by Macmillan Co., Harrisburg, Pa. There is another very good magazine published by Chas Read, Worchester, Mass., entitled American Ornithology, or Bird Magazine. This is a little more popular than the former, but is also sufficiently scientific to be correct and is a little more profusely illustrated. Each of these are one dollar a year. The former comes in six parts and the latter in twelve numbers per year. Back numbers of both can be obtained. For a library and for more complex subjects of Ornithology, the Auk is more desirable. It comes in connection with a membership fee of the American Ornithologists’ Union, or subscription, $3 per year.
Yours very truly,

1905, Dec. 30

The Montana Agricultural
Experiment Station
Bozeman, Mont.

Department of Entomology
R.H. Cooley, Entomologist,
State Entomologist

Dec. 30, 1905

Prof. Lawrence Bruner,
University of Nebraska,
Lincoln, Nebraska.

My dear Prof. Bruner:
I am grateful for you letter of Dec. 25 and for the information you gave me which is just what I wanted. I think I shall get “Bird Lore” and “American Ornithology”, both.
As you supposed, I intend to make more of Ornithology here in the future. There is already considerable interest in the subject among our students, and I hope that we will be able to do some first class work on birds.
Yours very truly,
R. A. Cooley-
Happy New Year!