Great Nebraska

Naturalists and Scientists

1905, Mar. 15

Prof. Lawrence Bruner,
University of Nebraska,
Lincoln, Nebr.

MAR 21, Ans’d

Dear Sir & Friend: —I move about so much in professional work and find my books so heavy, and costly to carry, that I have decided to sell most of my works on Ornithology. I have the 1st and the 2nd volumes of Bendire’s Life Histories of North American Birds, recently bound at a cost of $3.00 per volume, never used, and in perfect condition:- they are new and not the least soiled.
I thought perhaps you would know of some one that would buy them:- will accept whatever you consider a fair price and ship subject to examination before purchasing. I also have “Hawks and Owls” by Fischer, in good condition. Should you not know of anyone that will buy the books, please write anyhow and give me the address of some good Ornithological publication so that I can advertise them for sale.
Yours Very Truly
Rupert E. Preston.
1825 Jefferson St.
Kansas City, Mo.

Mch. 15, 1905.

1905, Mar. 16

Natural Science Association of America
Object: To Disseminate and Promote Natural Science Information

President’s Office
96 Fifth Avenue

Founded 1888
Incorporated 1892

New York March 16 1905

Prof. Charles E. Bessey,
Lincoln, Neb.

MAR 20 Ans’d

Dear Sir,
We have a copy of “The Birds of North America,” slightly soiled, otherwise perfect, price $40. – that we will furnish you at fifteen dollars if accepted within ten days.
Yours truly,
Natural Science Ass’n.

1905, Mar. 21

Lincoln, Nebr., Mch. 21, 1905.

Rupert E. Preston,
Kansas City, Mo.

My Dear Friend:-
Yours of the 15th instant has come duly to hand. I do not happen to know at present of any one who would care to invest in Bendira’s Life Histories of North American Birds. However I think that I can dispose of your Hawks and Owls by Fisher for 1.50 or 1.75. You might be able to get better prices for these things by advertising in the American Bird Magazine with Cha. K. Reed, Worchester, Mass.
Where have you been for the past year or two. I have not heard from you or of you in that time. We have been working more or less regularly on the birds of Nebraska and have gotten out a report on the birds of the state. I will try to send you a paper bound copy of it. With best wishes, I remain,
Yours very truly,

1905, Mar. 21

The Montana Agricultural
Experiment Station
Bozeman. Mont.

Department of Entomology
R. A. Cooley, Entomologist
State Entomologist

Apr 7 Ans’d

March 21, 1905.

Prof. Lawrence Bruner,
University of Nebraska,
Lincoln, Nebraska.

Dear Prof. Bruner:
I am writing this morning to ask if you have an advanced student or graduate student of ornothology who is enough of a taxidermist to set up our common birds with reasonable skill and rapidity. The situation is this: The Butte Electric Railway Company in Butte, Montana has a park known as the Columbia Gardens, which is a pleasure resort at the end of one of their suburban lines. In the pavilian they are accumulating a collection of plants, animals, minerals, etc for the education of their school children and for an attraction for the public. The manager, Mr. J. R. Wharton has authorized me to expend $500.00 in making a collection of bird mounts and nests. All duplicates to come to this institution as compensation for the trouble of arranging the matter for him. I have decided to offer about $100.00 a month as a salary for a man to come into the state and work for about three months. I will allow him $20.00 per month for camping expenses and will pay his transportation from place to place in the state besides furnishing him a camping outfit. It is quite probable that I can arrange to have one of our students with the man, collecting insects, shooting birds, etc. My plan is to have the men locate themselves in camp in about four or five different localities in the state; one in the lower Yellowstone where the upper Sonoran life-zone comes in; one near Flathead Lake in the northwest corner of the State; one down near Three Forks, this Coun-

The Montana Agricultural
Experiment Station
Bozeman, Mont.

Department of Entomology
R.A. Cooley, Entomologist
State Entomologist

ty; one somewhere in the mountains, etc. The position will be, it seems to me, quite attractive to a student who wants to put in his summer in the field. He will be at perfect liberty to publish any notes he may accumulate and I shall be as liberal as possible with him in the matter of triplicates. I prefer, however, that he be reasonably well satisfied with the field experience and the salary compensation. Should he run across any new species we would be glad to have him publish them himself, depositing the types with us and we will publish the article for him in a new series of science bulletins which we are now starting from the College to supplement the Experiment Station bulletins.
I would like to arrange this matter at one and would like the man to come as soon as possible. I shall start for the East about the first of May and the matter should all be arranged if possible before that time.
Very truly yours,
R.A. Cooley

1905, Mar. 29

Nebraska Ornithologists Union
Office of the President.

Wilson Tout, Dunbar, President.
Miss Agnes Dawson, Omaha, V. Pres.
Miss Anna Caldwell, Lincoln, Cor. Sec.
Myron H. Swenk, Lincoln, Rec. Sec.
F. H. Shoemaker, Omaha, Treas.
Prof. Lawrence Bruner, Lincoln
Dr. Rob’t H. Wolcott, Lincoln,
August Eiche, Lincoln Ex. Com.

Dunbar Nebr. Mar 29 1905.

Prof. Lawrence Bruner
Dear Sir –
Shall we have a Field meeting at Dunbar? That is the question. We offer entertainment for all members of the Union who will attend and will do our best to make the meet a success. We suggest that members come to Dunbar on the Friday evening trains. In the evening we will have an open meeting for the benefit of the cause. We will furnish some good music and should enjoy some short talks by members on “bird subjects.” Then we will be up at day break Sat. morning and away after records Members can return to Lincoln over M. P. R. R. at 3:40 Sat. P.M. The Co. Teachers meet here Apl. 29 so we cannnot have that date. But any other will be satisfactory. Talk it over with the members and let me know shortly what you think.
Very truly
Wilson Tout