Great Nebraska

Naturalists and Scientists

Nebraska Ornithologists’ Union

Letters, 1906, August

1906, Aug. 1

The University of Nebraska

Department of
Entomology and Ornithology
Lawrence Bruner,
Professor Entomologist,
Experiment Station
Acting State Entomologist

Lincoln, Nebr., Aug. 1, 1906.

A. H. Gale,
Barrancas National Cemetray,
Ft. Barrancas, Fla.

My Dear Sir:-
I have yours of the 19th of July at hand along with specimen of beetle which is known as the Spotted Rhinoceras beetle Dynastes tityus. The grub of this giant “June bug” is found in rotten oak stumps and both it and the beetle at times have a very peculiar odor secreted about their person. Several years ago while spending a few weeks in Central America, I obtained specimens of another species of this genus which measure over five inches in length. Everything seems to be moving along about as usual here in Nebraska. Trusting that you are coming along in fine shape, I remain,
Yours very truly,
Lawrence Bruner Dear Sir.

Thanks for information & good wishes, same to you.
Do you find Robins, Meadow Larks, and such migratory birds that nest in Nebr decreasing? The first two appear here in winter in blocks of many hundreds and keep in bunches all winter. The southern gentleman thinks boiled Robins & Larks the only eating fitting his high cast nature, and pursues a relentless warfare on them till they pull out for more hospitable climes. You may preach & legislate until doomsday, but if one part of the country spares while the other kills, what is accomplished?—Establish a working national law, put on a “bird tax” to cover expense of enforcement & save the birds.
Yr Gale

1906, Aug. 9

Aulabaugh, the Furrier
Manufacturing Furrier,

1407 Douglas St.
Telephone B-2221

Omaha, Neb. August 9th, 1906.

Prof. Lawrence Brunner,
Lincoln, Nebr.
Dear Sir:
I have written to-day to Chief Warden Carter asking for a permit to kill some of the protected birds and I wish to see if it is possible to get your help in securing the permit.
I am endeavoring to mount a collection for the free use of the schools here. My intentions are to loan one speciman at a time to each class. This is not a money making scheme as I get absolutely no income. I am only doing it in the interest of the birds.
I go on the theory that we can save more birds by educating the boys and interesting them in bird studies than we can by legislation.
Mr. Lawrence Skow is in charge of my taxidermy department, and as you know him and his work you will feel certain that no specimens will be lost through carelessness or incapability.
I have been in business here for a number of years and most any of the business men of this city will vouch for my honesty and integrity.
Thanking you in advance for anything you may be able to do for me in this matter, I remain,
Yours respectfully,
G. W. Aulabaugh

1906, Aug. 29

Lincoln, Nebr., Aug. 29, 1906.

G. N. Aulabaugh,
1407 Douglas St.
Omaha, Nebr.

My Dear Sir:-
Your favor of August 9th has been upon my desk for some time and has not received attention on account of my absence from the city. No doubt Game warden Carter has already issued the permit for which you ask. In case he has not please write me at once and I will go to him personally and see what can be done. I would call him up by phone in the morning only it is necessary for me to leave town before office hours. Will be back Saturday and your matter can then be attended to.
Yours very truly,