Great Nebraska

Naturalists and Scientists

1906, July 5

Alliance Public Schools
W. H. Bartz, Superintendent.

Board of Education
R. W. Montgomery, Pres.
G. W. Clark, Vice-Pres.
S. M. Smyser, Sec’y.
A. McIntyre.
G. W. Duncan.
W. R. Akers.

D. W. Hayes, Principal High School.
Olive Stratton, Assistant.

Alliance, Neb. July 5th, 1906
Prof. Lawrence Bruner,
State University, Lincoln.

Dear Mr. Bruner:-
The Bird Leaflets were received in due time. We thank you for the leaflets, and have had them distributed among the normal students. The work here goes on satisfactorily, which I am sure will be gratifying to you.
Thanking you again for the leaflets,
I am yours truly,
W. H. Bartz