Great Nebraska

Naturalists and Scientists

Nebraska Ornithologists’ Union

Letters, 1906, October

1906, Oct. 12

Aulabaugh, the Furrier
Manufacturing Furrier,

1407 Douglas St.
Telephone B-2221

Omaha, Neb. Oct 12/06.

Prof. Lawrence Bruner,
Lincoln, Nebraska.

Dear Sir:-
Some time ago I took the liberty of soliciting your help in securing a permit from the chief game warden. During your absence from your office I was successful in securing this permit but I have neglected to write you to thank you for your interest in the same. Please accept my thanks and pardon my delay in the offering of them.
Yours respectfully,
G. W. Aulabaugh

1906, Oct. 23

Clark University.
Worcester, Mass.
Oct. 23, 1906.

My dear Professor Brunner:
Can you spare me two copies of your leaflet – A Plea for the Protection of Our Birds?
I am much interested in your estimate relative to the daily consumption of insects by birds and if you have and more recent figures, I should be thankful for them.
Very truly yours,
C. F. Hodges

1906, Oct. 31

October 31, 1906.

Professor Hodge:
Clark University,
Worcester, Mass.

My Dear Sir:
I have your favor of the 23rd instant, and am sending you herewith several copies of the leaflet entitled “A Plea for the Protection of Our Birds”. You ask for any other, and more recent figures concerning estimates of insects consumed by birds. While I have written something of the kind, it is not printed in such form as to be readily available for distribution. It is contained in the second Annual Proceedings of the Nebraska Ornithologists Union in a paper entitled “Birds That Nest in Nebraska”. Not having the paper as a separate I can not mail you a copy of the same.
Yours very truly,