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Nebraska Ornithologists’ Union

Letters, 1916, January

1916, Jan. 23

Cooperative Extension Work
Agriculture and Home Economics
State of Nebraska

University Farm, Nebraska
Jan. 23, 1916

Prof. Myron Swenk
University Farm.

Dear Professor Swenk:
Mrs. C.V. Davis of Milford, Nebraska, who attended the State Home Economics Association last week, asked the following question:
“I would like to get some material that would interest a boy of 14 years in birds. He is a boy who delights in killing birds in my back yard.”
Mrs. A. T. Hubbell, Wood River, Nebr., reports a similiar case.
I shall be very grateful to you if you can offer any suggestions to either one of these women.
Very truly yours,
(Mrs. A.E.) Eunice R. Dann
In Charge of Women’s Clubs, Nebraska