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Letters, 1918, September

1918, Sept. 28

The Nebraska Farmer
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Lincoln S. R. McKelvie, Publisher
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September 26, 1918.

Prof. M. H. Swenk,
The University Farm City.

My dear Swenk: I have a letter from some farmers in western Nebraska asking if it would be possible to create sentiment so that the next legislature would pass laws which would protect prairie chickens and quail, as they feel they are necessary to aid in the control of grasshoppers and other injurious insects, especially in that part of the state. They would like to do away entirely with the open-season for such birds.
I am wondering if you will write me in length, so that I may publish it if it seems wise, your views on this matter.
Yours very truly,
C. W. Pugsley

C. W. Pubsley.
M. H.