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NOU, P.M. Carrington, Letter, 1906, Nov. 10

United States Public Health
Marine-Hospital Service Sanatorium
P.M. Carrington, Surgeon,
In command.
Fort Stanton, N. Mex.

November 10, 1906.
Nov 22 Ans’d

Prof. Lawrence Brunner,
University of Nebraska,
Lincoln, Neb.

Dear Sir:-
For nearly six years I have had command of the Fort Stanton Reservation, now utilized as a Sanatorium for the treatment of tuberculosis. The Reservation embraces about 45 square miles, through the center of which flows the Rio Bonito. In the valley of this river there is considerable land under cultivation and irrigation; various grain and forage crops being raised. I have been attempting to stock the Reservation with game birds, and am now trying to secure a number of prairie chickens. Hon. Geo. L. Carter, Chief Warden of your state, writes me that he has occasionally been able to supply a few of these birds through the State University, and suggested that I take the matter up with you. Any assistance which you may give me in this









will be greatly appreciated.
Very truly yours,
P.M. Carrington