Great Nebraska

Naturalists and Scientists

NOU, R.H. Forbes, Letter, 1906, Dec. 20

University of Arizona
Agricultural Experiment Station

Station Staff.
The President of the University.
R. H. Forbes, .. Director and Chemist.
J. J. Thornber, .. .. .. Botanist.
V. A. Clark, Agriculturist and Horticulturist
A. E. Vinson, .. Associate Chemist.
F. W. Wilson, .. Animal Husbandman.
T. D. A. Cockerell, .. Entomologist.
G. E. P. Smith, .. Irrigation Engineer.
W. H. Mueller, .. .. .. Clerk.

Office and Laboratories
and Range Study Tract,
Tucson, Arizona.
Experiment Station Farm.
Phoenix, Arizona.
Date Palm Orchards
Tempe and Yuma

Tucson, Arizona Dec. 20, 1906.
DEC 27 Ans’d

Professor Lawrence Bruner,
University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska.

Dear Sir:-
I received your letter of Dec.14th and the bird protection leaflet, which I am glad to have. However, I think that some error in sending this leaflet may have occurred since it does not deal with grasshoppers to the extent indicated by the allusion in your letter. If there is another leaflet on the subject of grasshoppers I would be very glad to have it. Thanking you for your kindness
I am
Very truly yours,
R. H. Forbes.