Great Nebraska

Naturalists and Scientists

NOU, R.M. Anderson, Letter, 1905, Aug. 26

University of Iowa

Department of Zoology
C. C. Nutting
Professor of Zoology, and Curator of
Museum of Natural History
H. F. Wickham
Professor of Entomology

400 N. Clinton
Iowa City, Iowa, Aug 26, 1905.

Professor Lawrence Bruner,
Lincoln, Neb.

Dear Sir:
Having noticed the review of your “Preliminary Review of the Birds of Nebraska,” in Jan. “Auk” would like to ask if you can supply me with a copy. I have a copy of your former list throught he courtesy of Professor Wickham. I have been working for the past two years on a list of the Birds of Iowa, which I hope to complete the coming year. The University collections are particularly rich in your series of Nebraska birds—hundreds of specimens of Geese, Fringillidae, etc. collected by D. H. Talbot.
Yours sincerely, R. M. Anderson.