The naturalists and scientists referenced in this project left numerous records, including field notes, notebooks, narratives, journals, in additional to the photographs they took to “capture” their experience and research. Selected examples of these materials are available here. This legacy of original source materials provided the foundation for early research information and subsequent published scholarship that contributed to a greater understanding of Nebraska and the Great Plains.


Sketches and Notes Taken From My Notebook of 1878

This notebook provides Lawrence Bruner’s personal account of a train trip starting in Omaha, Nebraska, and ending in Colorado.


“Letters Home, 1911”

In 1911, Edith S. Clements accompanied her husband Frederick Clements to Europe. The two scientists visited Switzerland, Germany, and England, accompanied by scientists from those specific countries. The letters Edith sent to her mother throughout her travels reflect the personal side of this investigative trip.


Raymond J. Pool, Field Notes & Records

Raymond Pool, Professor of Botany at the University of Nebraska, made several trips to the Nebraska Sandhills and recorded his findings and experiences in his field notes.


Shoemaker Narratives & Records

Frank Shoemaker’s interest in birds and the natural landscape are reflected in the “narratives” that he wrote using his field notes as a foundation. The narratives incorporate both his stories and his photographs. Additional records outline both discoveries and anecdotes from his exploration of landscapes near his Omaha and Lincoln homes, and the state of Nebraska.