Great Nebraska

Naturalists and Scientists

NOU, Robert Furnas, Letter, 1904, June 14

1904 Nebraska State Board of Agriculture 1904

W. R. Mellor, President, Loup City
W. F. Ewing, 1st Vice Pres. Franklin
W. C. Culley, 2nd V. Pres. Creighton
Edmund McIntyre, Treasurer, Seward
R. W. Furnas, Secretary, Brownville
S. C. Bassett, Supt. of Concessions,
Grounds and Advertising, Gibbon

August 29 to September 2 Inclusive
Office of R. W. Furnas, Secretary

Board of Managers
C. H. Rudge, Chairman, Lincoln
John B. Dinsmore, Sutton
Peter Youngers Jr., Geneva
H. L. Cook, St. Paul
G. W. Hersy, Omaha

JUN 17 Ans’d

Brownville, Neb. June 14th., 1904

Prof. Lawrence Brunner,
Lincoln, Nebr.
Dear Sir:-
Reply to yours 13th inst. will say: Arrange the bird articles to suit your own taste and convenience provided the cost will not be materially increased in any respect. As you know I am pressed for space this year. But I wish your contribution complete and to your satisfaction.
Yours truly.
Robt. W. Furnas