Great Nebraska

Naturalists and Scientists

NOU, Robert W. Limbert, Letter, 1905, June 21

June 21 1905.
Prof., Lawrence Bruner.
Uni. of Nebr.
Lincoln, Nebr.

Dear Sir:-
Submitting my request for state permit to take specimens of song & insectivorous birds to be used for scientific purposes. I herewith enclose for your inspection, testimonials written by reputable citizens all of whom I am glad to say are pleased to vouch for me in justly execuiting the good offices of the said permit.
I have worked for some months past for Mr Wallace,









learning the art of taxidermy, and it is my desire to get a thourough and technical knowledge of ornithology and taxidermy complete in all its branches. My desires are not in any way fadish, but of higher motives which dates back to early observations in bird lore.
I wish to state that in using this permit or the specimens secured thereby they will in no wise have any connection with the Wallace Taxidermist Shop.
Hoping you may be able to help in in (my desire) and thanking you in advance, I am,
Very truly
Robt. W. Limbert
4032 Decatur St.
Omaha Nebr.